Hi, I’m Alex

I first joined the digital space creating websites in my free time to earn extra money.

I didn’t know about “digital marketing” until I started seeing it everywhere.

And I realized that I had already been doing it for quite some time without even realizing it.

I was doing this for fun, I didn’t even know it could be a real career.

I went on to learn as much as I could through courses, certifications, online communities, and worked with many clients and businesses as a freelancer.

clickz webinar
ClickZ Webinar

Soon enough, I was considered an “expert”. And as digital demand grew, more and more people were looking for answers.

What tools to use, which platforms to build a website, how to get more traffic, and how to increase sales.

Besides the website, creatives, and all the pretty stuff that goes into starting your business, the way to make money is through digital marketing.

Most of what I learned, I had to figure out by myself, through trial and error, and especially frustration.

While my current day-to-day is spent working with clients all over the world, my roots lie with the everyday entrepreneur and small business owner.

Using basic knowledge and online tools, your dream- be it a new career or your own business- is ready when you are.

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