Outsourcing work can be a great way to get things done quickly and efficiently. However, with so many different outsourcing platforms available, it can be hard to decide which is the best one for you.

In this article, we will compare Fiverr vs Upwork – two of the most popular freelance platforms – to help you make an informed decision.

What’s the difference between Fiverr vs Upwork?

Currently, more than 1 in 3 workers (53 million Americans) are now freelancing. Flexible workers contribute around $715 billion to economic activity and represent great opportunities for new work.

Although many businesses are considering utilizing remote freelancers, many companies don’t have any clue where to look.

Freelance companies such as Upwork and Fiverr were formed to promote freelance jobs and to provide the best place for an individual or business to find freelancers with the specific skills needed.

So the question is: Fiverr or Upwork?


Upwork 101

Clients can submit project applications online for freelance work. In most cases, your job will be competitive with several other freelance contractors.

Basic skills are the most competitive. Although Upwork offers long-term work, this platform offers business professionals who want to find experienced freelancers for lengthy assignments.

It is more and more popular to find freelancers working on Upwork and on Fiverr.

upwork freelancers

How does Upwork work?

Upwork is an online outsourcing platform that displays freelancers’ salaries, experiences, abilities, and skills. You can also check out the rates of other freelancers to narrow down your options.

Upwork includes payments, communications, sharing, and documents, all in the platform.

Upwork has higher-quality freelancers

Generally, Upwork has higher quality freelancers as a result of the higher pay when compared to Fiverr.

For example, you can expect a better end product when you pay $100 for a blog post article compared to, say, $5 on Fiverr.

Think of the saying: “you get what you pay for” in this instance.

Upwork has many freelance workers. You simply need to decide the best fit for your project.

Upwork offers freelance jobs on a large list so that you can manage your search within one niche. Diverse skill sets are displayed for each class.

When you are searching for specific niches, Upwork narrows down the list of freelancers, including the skills of each freelancer with detailed performance details.

They also have a review and feedback page. It will make it more simple for you to choose which is the most ideal option.

upwork skills

Upwork user experience

UpWork is generally simple and easy to use. You can start by searching through talent by desired skills such as content writing, SEO optimization, logo design, customer service, product listing creatives, and more.

Upwork offers an “hourly” payment system which can be helpful for short-term projects with a set budget or for clients who want to control costs.

Hourly contracts also allow freelancers to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and clients have the ability to end the project at any time if they’re not happy with the results.

You can also pay a set fee for a deliverable, such as $75 for a logo design.

upwork projects

More recently, Upwork has added projects with set fees and delivery times similar to Fiverr.

Upwork safety

Upwork allows for interviews via various features and allows for verification of profiles prior to the approval of the candidate. This profile displays results of successful job performance and a list of past customers’ reviews.

The website even has an escrow system that holds payments until the project is complete.

Both freelancers and clients have access to a messaging system, which can be helpful for clarifying project details or sending files.

Unfortunately, Upwork won’t show you your freelancer’s last name until you have hired them to prevent you from connecting with them off the website.

That being said, you will need to rely on badges and reviews on the platform rather than a freelancer’s personal website or Linkedin profile to verify.

Choose Upwork if…

  1. You are looking for intermediate-expertly skilled freelancers
  2. You are looking for a more personal working relationship (vs buying a project on Fiverr)
  3. You are on a deadline

fiverr services

Fiverr 101

Fiverr allows freelance writers to create gigs in various service fields. Freelancing companies starting from Fiverr have gigs that are then listed on Fiverr Marketplace.

Prices for gigs in Fiverr vary between $5 and $500+ each.

You can then see a freelancer’s gig (most often by searching Fiverr) and order their services. The freelancer will deliver the job according to the specified time frame.

Once completed the client sends in his work for payment via Fiverr. Fiverr is most known for short-term or low-cost projects for people or entrepreneurs seeking incredibly inexpensive services.

fiverr content writing

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr differs significantly from Upwork. On Fiverr, freelancers advertise their projects rather than skill. Fiverr seems to work better for small projects such as flyer and logo design.

Generally lower quality freelancers

You can anticipate discovering a wider skill set on Fiverr because of its lower pricing, but at a more reasonable cost.

That’s not to say that you won’t be happy with your end product, but expectations will be different at this price tier.

fiverr project page

Fiverr user experience

The user interface on Fiverr is beginner friendly and allows for quick navigation.

You can search for the skill you want in the search bar and scroll through a project catalog.

The freelancer’s responses, time and rate, article portfolios and previous reviews are also readily available.

How much does Fiverr cost?

Fiverr is great at gigging. It is possible to specify the prices for the gigs. Likewise, there are several options for packages, including premium standard and basic.

The prices for these gigs range widely but they can start as low as $5.

Fiverr Safety

Fiverr has some safety features, it is not as safe as upwork. Fiverr does not have an interview process, and there is no guarantee that a freelancer has the skills they advertise.

Choose Fiverr if..

  1. You have a simple/quick task you need done
  2. You would rather not spend the time interviewing and sorting through proposals
  3. You need it done fast

Which is the best freelancer platform for online business owners?

Both Fiverr as well As Upwork offer special functions and benefits. Choosing between different platforms also depends on preference and budget.

Both platforms offer excellent services. They are most commonly used among individuals and businesses.

upwork job postings

The winner: Upwork

Based on freelancer skills, pricing, and reliability, the winner is: Upwork!

My experience with Upwork

I have had both positive and negative experiences using Upwork, it can be a hit or miss.

Best case scenario is you find someone who is truly an expert and can help you save time and get work done.

Worst case scenario is that the quality of work is not what you expected and you get either a refund or you pay them partially for their time.

The good news is that because Upwork is so saturated, freelancers are competing against each other and you can usually get a pretty good deal for the work performed.

My experience with Fiverr

Fiverr, as I’ve said earlier in the post, is more of a “you get what you pay for scenario” in many cases.

However, the package deal/gig setup is an attractive way to shop versus spending the time writing up a job post and sorting through freelancer proposals.

My advice would be to lean more into creative gigs on Fiverr‘s platform.

My experience with more complicated tasks like those involving digital marketing has not been so great.

Hiring Guide: Building Your Freelance Workforce

Freelancing is gaining in popularity and some businesses want to find an independent contractor rather than full-time workers. It is a cost-effective strategy that can be used for hiring and assisting businesses in finding skilled staff quickly.

After you decide between Fiverr vs Upwork, how can you choose the best freelancer to fit your needs?

freelancer profile

Read the freelancer’s profile

First, you need to have a look at the freelancer’s profile. Just click the profile button for more information. This gives an insight into the freelancers’ personality, work ethic, deliveries rates and quality ratings.

You could follow the same approach to a number of other profiles until you find the ideal candidate. I recommend that you research more than two freelancers so you can move from this option.

Do your due diligence

Similar to hiring, you need a great deal of information before you offer your first job. Upwork can help with this process as it allows you to screen candidates before they start interviewing them.

Nonetheless, if you use the tools mentioned above, you should be able to learn a little more about your potential freelancer. Make certain the person you select delivers dependable and reliable services. Check reviews and verify the freelancer’s experience with your project types.

Track the work

Once you interview your freelancers and check that they are the ideal candidate, it’s time to let them shine.

The best freelance website allows you to maintain a constant chat with the individual you work with.

You can visit either platform to view their work, ask questions, and set expectations.


The platform you use to hire your freelancer should give you some peace of mind and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Deciding between Fiverr vs Upwork is a great way to get started in the world of online outsourcing. With a little research, you can find the perfect freelancer for your project needs.

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