As a freelancer, you know that the tools you use can make or break your business. With so many options out there, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and money.

Freelancing itself is here to stay, with the number of workers in the United States expected to increase over the next 10 years to be the majority of the American workforce by 2027.

According to a study conducted by Upwork, a whopping 60% of freelancers who left a full-time job to become freelancers make more money than they did in their previous jobs.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best freelancing tools for 2023. From project management software to time tracking apps, these are the tools that will help you work smarter, not harder.

Top Features for Freelancer Tools

Many freelancing tools on the market today offer a variety of features. From tools that allow you to bill and invoice clients to tools that automate parts of your workflow, these tools can make it easier to manage projects and stay organized.

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1) Project Management & Communication

As a freelancer, you wear a lot of hats. You’re not just responsible for getting the work done but also for managing your own time, communicating with clients, and keeping track of deadlines. That’s why a good project management tool is essential. With project management software, you can create to-do lists, set deadlines, and track your progress on projects.

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2) Design & Content Creation

Whether you’re a designer, writer, or other creative freelancer, tools for design and content creation are essential. With tools like Jasper, Kadence, and Canva at your disposal, you can create beautiful visuals, rich long-form content, and stunning websites for clients.

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3) Invoicing & Small Business Budgeting

The tools you use for invoicing and budgeting can make a huge difference in the success of your business.  With tools like Bonsai, Novo, and Keap, you can easily create invoices, track expenses, and keep your finances organized.

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4) Promotion & Visibility

To get your freelancing business in front of the right clients, you need tools for promotion and visibility. Tools like Linq, Semrush, and MailerLite can help you create an online presence and increase your visibility as a freelancer.

Best Freelancing Tools in 2023

  1. Jasper - The #1 AI Content Platform For Business

    Jasper is the AI Content Platform that helps you and your team break through creative blocks to create amazing, original content 10X faster.

    Use with Surfer SEO for content that ranks.

    Learn More
  2. ClickFunnels - Marketing Funnels Made Easy

    The funnel is the secret to your online success! It’s the difference between the 1,929,999,999 websites that don’t make money, and the .000000002% that do!

    Learn More
  3. Keap | Where small business growth happens

    More leads. More revenue. More repeat customers. Keap helps small businesses like yours grow through powerful CRM and marketing automation.

    Learn More
  4. Bonsai | The #1 Self-Employed Product Suite

    Bonsai’s all-in-one product suite with smart automation lets you focus on your passion, not your paperwork. Manage your clients, deliver great work, get paid, and track your finances.

    Learn More
  5. Create Email Marketing Your Audience Will Love - MailerLite

    Digital marketing tools to grow your audience faster and drive revenue smarter. Backed by 24/7 award-winning support.

    Learn More
  6. Popl - The #1 Digital Business Card for Teams and Individuals

    Popl is the leading Digital Business Card Platform for teams and individuals.

    With a best-in-class mobile app, Teams dashboard, and tappable smart devices, Popl is the complete end-to-end solution in this space.

    Learn More
  7. Powerfully Simple Business Banking | Novo

    Get a business edge with an award-winning, free business checking account from Novo.

    Trusted by over 175,000 small businesses.

    Learn More
  8. OptinMonster | Convert and Monetize Your Website Traffic

    Stop losing visitors! Instantly grow your email list, get more leads and increase sales with the #1 most powerful conversion optimization toolkit in the world.

    Learn More
  9. Semrush | Get measurable results from online marketing

    Replace a dozen solutions with one suite to improve all areas, including Competitive Research, Keyword Research, Rank Tracking, Link Building, On-Page & Tech SEO.

    Learn More
  10. ConvertKit: Digital Product & Subscription Funnels

    ConvertKit is the go-to marketing hub for creators that helps you grow and monetize your audience with ease.

    Learn More
  11. Kadence WP | Best WordPress Theme

    Create and customize professionally designed websites in minutes with no compromises on performance, zero limits on what you can design.

    Learn More
  12. The All-In-One Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress | Lasso

    Lasso makes it easy to manage links, create product displays, and increase your affiliate income.

    Learn More
  13. Teachable Online Course Platform: Create & Sell Courses

    Transform your knowledge into a thriving business with the best online course platform for creators everywhere.

    Learn More
  14. Write better marketing copy and content with AI

    Experience the full power of an AI content generator that delivers premium results in seconds.

    Learn More
  15. Create, Market & Sell with the #1 Online Course Platform: Thinkific

    Turning your expertise into revenue just got a lot easier.

    Create and sell online courses, build vibrant communities, and monetize memberships — all on a single, scalable platform.

    Learn More
  16. Grammarly | Great Writing, Simplified

    Compose bold, clear, mistake-free writing with Grammarly’s new AI-powered desktop app.

    Learn More
  17. Hotjar: Website Heatmaps & Behavior Analytics Tools

    Everything you ever wanted to know about your website...

    ...but your analytics never told you.

    Numbers tell you what’s happening. Hotjar’s visual insights tell you why. So you can make the changes that matter.

    Learn More
  18. World's Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting | WPX Hosting

    Free yourself from almost all of the boring, technical requirements of running a business or project online so that you can spend more time on accomplishing your goals.

    Learn More
  19. Canva Design Tool: Create Custom Content

    With thousands of professional templates, images, and quality content to choose from, get a headstart on bringing your best ideas and work to life.

    Learn More
  20. SurferSEO - Accelerate high quality content creation 

    Don't leave your SEO strategy up to chance. Surfer will give you a step-by-step SEO workflow to boost your organic traffic, increase your visibility, and improve your rank. 

    Learn More
  21. Upwork | How work should work

    Access the top 1% of talent on Upwork, and a full suite of hybrid workforce management tools. This is how innovation works now.

    Learn More
  22. Project Management, CRM Software |

    Collaborate effectively organization-wide to get a clear picture of all your work. Stay in the loop with easy-to-use automations and real-time notifications.

    Learn More
  23. Fiverr Business | Expertise, when you need it

    Connect with vetted experts, execute every project, and expand your team capabilities

    Learn More
  24. Linq | Digital Business Cards For Modern Networking

    Linq replaces outdated paper business cards with a streamlined technology that enables quick connections, contact sharing, analytics, CRM integrations, business card scanning and more! 

    Learn More
  25. Sales Engagement & Prospecting Platform for Gmail | Mixmax

    With our email tracking software for Gmail, you'll know as soon as someone opens your message with real-time Google email tracking & alerts. 

    Learn More
  26. AI Art & Image Generator | Jasper Art

    Meet Jasper, the AI art generator who turns your imagination into unique images and photos in seconds. Finally, you’ll have the perfect picture to match your message. No more hunting for stock images or waiting weeks for new creative.

    Learn More
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What are freelance tools?

Freelance tools are tools designed to help freelancers run their businesses more efficiently. These tools can range from project management and communication tools to design and content creation tools to invoicing and small business budgeting tools.

Statistic: Leading reasons for doing contract, freelance, or temporary work in the United States in 2022 | Statista

Is freelancing a good career?

Yes, freelancing can be a great career choice for those who want the flexibility to work on their own terms. With tools like Popl, Semrush, and MailerLite, you’re able to create an online presence and increase your visibility as a freelancer.  Plus, you have the freedom to choose which projects you take on and how much you charge. With the right tools and strategies, freelancing can be a rewarding and profitable career.

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Is freelancing good for beginners?

Yes, freelancing is a great option for beginners. The tools available today make it easier than ever to get up and running with your own business. From project management tools to invoicing tools, there are tools out there that can help you manage projects from start to finish.


How is freelance work is typically done?

Freelance work is typically done remotely, with the freelancer and client communicating via email, phone, or video chat. Most freelancers will use tools like project management software, time-tracking apps, invoicing tools, and promotion tools to help manage their workflow and increase their visibility as a freelancer.

How can I learn about freelancing?

To learn more about freelancing, you can read books and blogs on the topic, attend workshops or seminars, or even take classes online. Learning as much as you can about tools for freelancers, project management, and marketing will help you be successful in your freelance career.

Which skills are best for freelancing?

The best skills for freelancing vary depending on the type of work you want to do. For example, good writing and editing skills are essential if you’re a writer. If you’re a web designer, then HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge is key. And if you’re working in marketing or SEO, then a strong understanding of content promotion tools, keyword research tools, and analytics is important. No matter the type of freelancing you do, it’s important to stay up-to-date on new tools and technologies in your field so you can offer the best services to clients.

What are the different types of freelancing?

The different types of freelancing include writing, web design and development, virtual assistant services, SEO and digital marketing, graphic design and illustration, photography, programming, and software development, video editing and animation, audio production, consulting services, and more. Each type requires a different set of tools to succeed.

Where can I find freelancers online?

There are a number of websites and platforms where you can find freelancers online. Sites such as Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, and Toptal provide tools for connecting with talented freelancers from around the world.

How can I become a software freelancer?

To become a software freelancer, you’ll need to learn tools, technologies, and programming languages that are relevant to the types of projects you’d like to work on. You should also create a portfolio of your work so clients can see what you’re capable of. Additionally, you should create a website or blog to help promote your services and join industry groups on social media to network with potential clients.

Where can I get freelance jobs?

You can get freelance jobs from a variety of sources, such as job boards like Upwork, Flexjobs, and WeWorkRemotely. You can also find jobs on social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, you can network with other professionals in your field to see if they have any potential leads for work.

Who hires freelancers?

Freelancers can be hired by individuals, startups, small businesses, and larger corporations. It’s important to do your research when looking for clients, so you know what tools they are likely to use and how much they typically pay.

The best tools for freelancers in 2023 will help make the process of managing projects and connecting with potential clients easier and more efficient. By leveraging the right tools, freelancers can increase their visibility, find more opportunities, and land higher-paying gigs.

Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or consultant, there are tools out there specifically designed to help you succeed in your freelance career.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the essential tools that every freelancer needs in their toolkit. With these tools in hand, you’ll be able to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before. So don’t wait any longer—start building your freelance business today with the help of these amazing tools!

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