It’s no wonder entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big companies all turn to business cards to share their contact info with potential customers, clients, and colleagues.

Watch Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac‘s) digital business card in action

Business cards are a great tool for effortlessly sharing key business details like your name, company, and contact information in a convenient, pocket-sized format.

But in 2024, are you wondering if printing another 500-pack of physical business cards is worth it?

An increasing number of searches on Google will show you that you’re not alone.

Linq digital business cards, best of 2024

Digital business cards, or contactless virtual business cards, might save you the hassle and definitely the shipping.

digital business card apple watch

According to BusinessWire, the digital business card market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027

The research acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic did accelerate the push for the use of smart business cards – business shutdowns due to quarantine and travel restrictions forced businesses to go online.

popl in action
Popl digital business card

But at the same time, it notes that the impact of COVID-19 is only short-term – that it is likely to decrease in the coming years.

Nonetheless, businesses are more likely to digitize their business transactions, including using digital business cards.

What’s more, according to Adobe, around 88% of physical business cards are thrown away in just a week.

linq digital business cards for freelancers
Linq digital business card

In other words, around 9 out of 10 business cards you distribute will likely end up in a trash bin.

The question is: should you use smart business cards?

Digital Business Cards vs Physical

One of the questions you may ask is whether to use digital or physical business cards.

A digital business card offers many advantages over its traditional counterparts, but before we get into those, let’s take a look at why businesses traditionally have used these types of card systems – namely because there are limitations with how much data can fit onto one side (physical) and also problems when trying to store or retrieve a digital copy of the card (if it’s not in your phone).

Let’s look at some reasons digital business cards are becoming more popular than paper cards:

mobilo digital business card

1) Save the planet: a digital business card is less likely to be thrown away compared to a paper business card 

As mentioned earlier, Adobe reports that around 88% of business cards are thrown away in just a week.

That’s 9 out of 10 cards ending up in a trash bin!

On the other hand, digital business cards can be stored away on any device- just like your other business tools.

And if they need you, they can simply search their phone or computer for your card.

best digital business cards for events

Advantages of going digital

If you’re not too impressed with the eco-friendly advantages, there are plenty more to going digital with digital business card makers.

  • User-friendly
  • Professional looking
  • Cost-effective
  • Save time
  • GDPR compliant
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Link to social media profiles
  • Card scanner
  • Perfect for networking events

2) Update your digital business card info in a snap

Simply put, you can update your contact information through your digital business card apps or QR code generator.

If you get a new phone number, a new email address, social media links, or switched a physical location, you can inform your customers and prospects immediately by updating your profile.

Popl digital business cards

3) Track engagement with digital business cards

Digital business card apps offer a number of advantages over their traditional counterparts. Not only are they easier to store and retrieve, but you can also track engagement with digital business cards more easily.

Some digital business card apps can provide you with a wealth of information about how your virtual business cards are being used.

virtual business card

Your electronic business card KPIs

Here’s a breakdown of some of the elements you might see in the app:

Card Views

See how many times your contact details, such as your phone number, have been viewed.


Track how often recipients are clicking on the links in your mobile app. This can be helpful in gauging interest in different products or services.


See how often your card is being shared with others. This can give you an idea of how viral your digital business card is.

Click Rate

This measures the percentage of recipients who click on at least one link. A high click rate, or click-through rate, indicates that your electronic business card is well-received and that recipients find the information included useful.

Popl teams digital business card

You can dive even deeper by connecting your digital business card apps with Google Analytics.

Uniqode (formerly Beaconstac) digital business card considerations

7+ Best Digital Business Card Solutions in 2024 

Now that you know the amazing benefits of digital business cards, it’s time to choose the right solution for you.

Here are some of the best digital business card (2024) solutions available:

Best for Advanced Users
Uniqode Digital Business Cards for instant, ROI-driven networking
$6 per month

Swiftly share information, drive online traffic from offline locations, collect data, and swap contacts—all via a simple scan.

Used By: Fidelity, Amazon, The New York Times
  • Share with Apple, Google wallet
  • No app needed
  • Scale and automate with bulk actions and API
  • Upgrade for bulk creation

1) Uniqode 

With Uniqode’s digital business card, you can create a branded QR code that is managed and personalized to fit your global QR code campaigns.

beaconstac digital business card

Not only that, but you can measure engagement in the physical world and build digital cohorts.

share card with apple wallet

You can also run targeted social media ads based on the intent in the physical world.

Plus, Uniqode has the most advanced security measures in place that are unmatched by any other QR code solutions.

And if that wasn’t enough, it also integrates with CRMs, chatbots, scheduling tools, and every platform you want to push business card QR Code insights into.

Improve credibility with branding

69% of people fear that most websites are fake and spread misinformation. Only 1 in 3 people trust a brand enough to interact with and purchase from.

A custom domain can play a crucial role in improving your credibility in the eyes of a user. Every time a customer scans a QR Code, your website’s branded URL will appear legitimate to visitors. 

With Uniqode, a custom domain can play a crucial role in improving your credibility in the eyes of a user. Every time a customer scans a QR Code, your website’s branded URL will appear legitimate to visitors. 

Best for In-Person Networking
Linq | Digital Business Cards For Modern Networking

Linq replaces outdated paper business cards with a streamlined technology that enables quick connections, contact sharing, analytics, CRM integrations, business card scanning and more! 

Used By: Tesla, Google, Cadillac, Harvard
  • Great Value
  • Easy in-person & digital sharing
  • Analytics & Contact Reminders
  • Pay extra for pro features

2) Linq

Linq is the best digital business card solution for busy professionals who want an easy way to share fully customized profiles containing links, photos, contact information, and more — straight to someone’s phone or inbox.

They don’t need Linq or an app. You can create multiple profiles for different settings under one account and fully customize your digital wallet card.

linq analytics

You can also track analytics like views and clicks, set reminders to follow up with new contacts, and convert business cards to digital contacts with the Linq business card scanner.

One-tap contact swapping makes it easy to connect with new contacts, and you can shop for products, including the Linq card, bracelet, hub, badge, tap, and more.

linq business card

With Linq, you’ll always have your digital business card at your fingertips so you can make the most of every networking opportunity.

When it comes to digital business cards for realtors, Linq is a top choice. It offers a streamlined technology that enables quick connections, contact sharing, analytics, CRM integrations, and business card scanning, making it ideal for in-person networking.

Best for Teams
Popl - The #1 Digital Business Card for Teams and Individuals

Popl is the leading Digital Business Card Platform for teams and individuals.

With a best-in-class mobile app, Teams dashboard, and tappable smart devices, Popl is the complete end-to-end solution in this space.

Used By: Uber, Salesforce, ReMax
  • Suite of products
  • Easy to customize
  • Event displays
  • Customer support

3) Popl

If you’re looking for an app that can help you make more connections and generate more leads, Popl is a great option.

popl teams

With Popl, you can download from your app store and instantly share your contact info, social media profiles, websites, payment apps, files, videos, and more. You can also capture leads from your profile and favorite, group, sort, and manage them all in Popl.

popl leads

Popl integrates with CRMs so you can easily sync your leads. Popl is the fastest way to convert in-person connections into CRM leads without manual data entry.

With Popl‘s data tracking features, you can finally measure the true ROI of your networking.

Popl is also a great digital business card for realtors. It provides a suite of products, easy customization, event displays, and seamless lead generation, making it a valuable tool for realtors. With these digital business card solutions, realtors can showcase their listings, capture leads, and efficiently manage their networking efforts in the modern digital age.

If you’re ready to upgrade your networking game and make more connections, more leads, and more sales, check out Popl.

24-karat gold popl digital business card

New 24-karat gold card

If you’re looking for a digital card that will really make you stand out from the crowd, look no further than the new Popl Gold Card.

This luxurious card is made from real 24-karat gold and features built-in Popl technology and a PopCode for instant sharing.

The sleek new design is sure to turn heads, and with the X1 Popl chip, you’ll have a whole new level of connectivity.

Whether you’re networking at a conference or exchanging information with a new client, the Popl Gold Card is sure to make a lasting impression.

switchit digital business card

4) Switchit

If you’re looking for a digital business card that’s packed with features, look no further than Switchit.

With Switchit, you can upload or record engaging video content to captivate people’s attention. You can also easily share your digital card with anyone you meet through the online user portal, text message, email, social media, a QR Code, or POS system.

Plus, you can create a reminder and set alerts based on the day and time to ensure follow-up meetings don’t fall through the cracks.

And if you need to call or text contacts from the app, no problem!

You can also add new contacts, edit existing contacts, export contacts to your phone or add personalized notes.

blinq best digital business card

5) Blinq 

The Blinq digital business card offers one of the market’s best digital business card apps.

With just a few taps, you can easily share your card with anyone you meet, even if they don’t have the app.

And if you forget to bring your card with you, no problem!

You can easily access your digital business card app from your Apple Watch or NFC-enabled card.

Plus, Blinq automatically logs when and where you meet your new contact, so you can always remember how you got their information.

And if you need to add any notes to your cards, you can do so easily from the app.

So if you’re looking for a touchless, secure, and environmentally friendly way to share your contact information, the Blinq digital business card will leave your traditional business card in the dust.

haystack best digital business card

6) Haystack 

As digital business cards become increasingly popular, Haystack is proud to be the world’s largest provider of contactless business cards.

Supporting over 8 million people across 60+ countries, Haystack digital cards improve sales efficiency, build quality connections and reduce your environmental footprint.

Haystack digital cards are a clever marketing tool, driving traffic to your website, social media, and key company links.

haystack retail digital business card

Customize your company template to include images, links to whitepapers, and industry reports.

Hubspot, Mailchimp, Zapier, Slack, and Salesforce integrations keep your main database up-to-date.

You can control all company digital business cards via the Admin Dashboard.

Design templates, create and remove cards, track analytics on card usage, and set Employee permissions.

knowee digital business card


In the business world, first impressions are everything. That’s why it’s so important to have a digital business card that reflects your personal brand and makes a positive impression on potential clients. offers a wide range of features to help you customize your digital business card app to suit your needs.

With, you can make your team show your brand image, customize your contact data with the designs of your own choice, and create confidence when sharing your card.

You can also modify your card instantly, send, show, or deliver your digital credential, and customize your email signatures. also helps large corporations reduce their carbon footprint by digitalizing their business cards and making their contacts more efficient.

Plus, your data is always safe and secure with, and you decide when and how it is shared.

What is a digital business card, and how does it work?

A digital business card (or NFC business card) connects with any smartphone, smartwatch, or similar device upon physical contact to share your business details as often as needed – simply tap it on a supported mobile phone, and voila!

There are three simple-to-use components – a physical business card, software to design your card, and the smart device to receive it.


The design options are limitless – you have total control over colors, business information, logos, graphics, and media files.

Soon you’ll be able to impress prospects and steal the show in your next networking event by taking out your electronic business card and sharing content with just a tap on any phone, anytime, anywhere.

Who uses digital business cards?

An electronic business card is a handy networking tool for any professional, including those in fields far removed from tech. 

But these are the professionals who probably need digital business cards the most:

best digital business card for real estate agents

Agents and brokers

Agents and brokers rely heavily on networking to source clients and deals.

With digital business cards, real estate agents can access plenty of features for lead generation and meaningful engagement with prospects through QR codes.

They can showcase their latest offers and provide any paperwork needed to validate a deal in a snap.

Sales professionals

From elevator pitches to white papers and product landing pages, digital business cards help sales professionals assemble and manage their marketing arsenal from one place. 

They can also use analytics to keep track of their digital card’s performance and lead management integrations to keep in touch with their leads.

Healthcare experts

Medical experts often have situations where they need to produce their credentials, from medical emergencies to networking and marketing opportunities. 

A digital business card saves you from having to walk around with a briefcase full of medical ids and certifications.

Download all your medical credentials on any device instantly by swiping your digital business card on it. Of course, it also makes sharing your contact details a breeze.

Freelancers and job seekers

A digital business card can set you apart if you’re looking for work. 

Besides helping you cut a forward-thinking and innovative figure, digital business cards help you nail your first impression in many ways, allowing you to showcase your best works and providing many options to follow up with prospects.

best digital business card

How to create a digital business card

To create your card, you need open one of the various digital business card apps.

Each app will be different, but the steps will look similar:

Install a digital business card on your phone

To create digital business cards, you need to choose a digital business card app or tool from the list above.

Apps differ based on their range of features – from basic to advanced, from free to monthly subscriptions, and sharing methods – from QR scans to web links, email, and social media integrations.

Decide on what info to upload

Depending on factors like the nature of your business and the app’s range of features, you can choose to display specific business details on your virtual business card.

Enter your info on the app

Choose an app with a simple interface where you can easily create digital business cards.

A virtual business card app will allow you to upload premade designs like background colors, logos, company videos, and landing pages for products or services. 

Some will integrate with platforms like Photoshop and Canva, making it easy to transfer your company’s creative assets.

Upload the info to the card

After saving your card design on the app, upload it onto a physical business card.

Again, the steps differ here depending on the card, but it usually involves tapping the physical card or the NFC tag on the app screen or scanning a QR code.

Test the card

Next, check to see if the info has been successfully uploaded and if the QR codes work as expected. Simply tap the card on another supported phone. Some apps let you test for updates by holding the QR codes to a test screen.

Share your card

Once you or your team create digital business cards, they will be easy to share.

Using electronic business cards, you can share your business over texts, emails, and social media.

digital business card watch integration

What should be on a digital business card?

The basics

A digital business card should include all of the same information that you would include on a traditional business card.

  • Name
  • Title
  • Company Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website URL
  • Social media handles

Bonus features

However, digital business cards also offer the opportunity to include additional information, such as:

  • A headshot or company logo
  • A video introduction
  • A link to your online portfolio or store
  • Additional contact information, such as LinkedIn profile or Skype ID
  • Testimonials
  • Other humble brags

How can I make a digital business card online for free?

There are a number of online tools that you can use to create a digital business card for free.

Best free cards

  1. Linq
  2. Canva
  3. HiHello
  4. Blinq
  5. Haystack

These platforms offer a variety of templates and designs to choose from, so you can create a digital business card that perfectly represents your personal brand.

digital business card analytics

If you want to build from scratch, you could design in Canva.

It’s easy to add a QR code from there, but without a dynamic QR code, you won’t be able to track engagement.

How to utilize digital business card app analytics for your company

One of the best features of digital business cards is the tracking and analytics data you won’t get from a physical card.

Once you compile data through QR codes, social media links, mobile apps, networking events, and even clicks to your basic contact information, you can visit your analytics dashboard.

The best digital business cards will make it easy to share and view data so you can utilize it for your business:

Data-driven insights

Improve the effectiveness of your digital business cards by analyzing how they’re being used and making changes based on the data.

A/B testing

Try out different versions of your digital business cards to see which one performs best.

digital business card dynamic qr code

Lead nurturing

Nurture your digital business card leads by sending them targeted information based on their engagement with your card

Goal setting

Set your digital business card campaign goals and track your progress over time.

Sales cycle management

Digital business cards can help you manage your sales cycle by providing you with valuable insights into your lead pipeline.

Contact directory

Keep track of all the people you’ve shared your digital business card within one central location.

There are a number of advantages to using digital business cards over traditional business cards. With digital business cards, you can track engagement, include more information, and easily store and retrieve them.


What is the best digital card?

In the end, I would go with Uniqode, Popl, or Linq for their custom business card design options, comprehensive features, and ease of use. All three platforms offer a range of e business card capabilities, such as customizing your digital card, easy contact management, and integration with other apps.

All three platforms also come with great customer support and are budget-friendly, so you can make sure you get the most out of your digital card without spending the $50-100 you would otherwise spend on printing paper cards.

What are the benefits of using a digital business card?

Digital business cards are an efficient way to instantly share contact info, social media, payment apps, and music platforms, plus save money on printing costs. Just like a traditional paper card, a digital business card maker will have plenty of business card templates for you to choose from (no printing required).

dot. Instagram feed

Is Popl or dot better?

You may have seen dot on Instagram or TikTok, and yes, their social media marketing is pretty good, but there are a few downsides.

dot. cards have a 5-quantity minimum, a 35-45 business day turnaround, and a lot of “getting it to work’ issues. You’re better off going with Uniqode, Popl, or Linq for a card with instant and quick ship options, especially support that’s more reliable. It’s the same thing, just way easier.

What is a HiHello card?

hihello digital business card app
HiHello digital business card app

HiHello is a digital business card app with a greater international presence, notably in India. It offers a few benefits similar to Popl and Linq, but design customization options are limited to choice of color, and you will need to rely on the app over your desktop computer.

What about the free Dibiz digital business card?

The Dibiz electronic card is one of the many platforms hopping on the digital business card trend. Because your business card platform will contain sensitive contact information, it’s best to go with a more established company you can trust with your data.


Business cards have been around for a long time and continue to be one of the most effective ways that professionals can reach out, connect with others on an individual level, and build relationships within their industry.

The best digital business card, or smart business card, will allow you more convenience because they’re always available when needed – you can’t leave them at home or in the office.

They also offer more features and are more environmentally friendly than traditional business cards.

Each digital business card on this list offers unique features and benefits that can help you make a positive impression on potential clients and business contacts.

Digital business cards are the future of networking and relationship building, so choosing the right one is important.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find the best digital business card solution for your business.

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