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Entrepreneurs use business cards to introduce and present their contact information to potential customers, clients, or fellow entrepreneurs.

What’s so great about business cards is that with just a small card, you can present your business’s key information – your name, company name, company number, email address, etc. 

Because of its size, potential customers or business partners can conveniently keep it in their wallets.

But in 2022, are you wondering if it’s worth it to print another 500 business card pack online?

An increasing number of searches on Google will show you that you’re not alone.

Digital business cards, or contactless smart cards, might save you the hassle, and definitely the shipping.

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According to Businesswire, the digital business card market is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027. 

The research acknowledged that the COVID-19 pandemic did accelerate the push for the use of digital business cards – business shutdowns due to quarantine and travel restrictions forced businesses to go online.

But at the same time, it notes that the impact of COVID-19 is only short-term – that it is likely to decrease in the coming years.

Nonetheless, businesses are more likely to digitize their business transactions, including using digital business cards.

What’s more, according to Adobe, around 88% of [paper] business cards are thrown away in just a week. In other words, around 9 out of 10 cards you distribute will likely end up in a trash bin.

That being said, the question is: should you use digital business cards? Why should you use it? What advantage does it have over paper business cards?

Should You Use Digital Business Cards? 

One of the questions you may ask is, should you use digital business cards, especially if you’re already using physical business cards (as many businesses generally do)? What advantages do digital business cards have over physical business cards?

The short answer is: yes, you definitely should use digital business cards regardless if you’re already using physical business cards or not. 

Here are some advantages of digital business cards over physical business cards:

mobilo digital business card

1) Digital business cards are less likely to be thrown away compared to physical business cards 

As mentioned earlier, Adobe reports that around 88% of business cards are thrown away in just a week.

That’s 9 out of 10 cards ending up in a trash bin!

On the other hand, a digital business card can be stored away on any device.

And if they need you, they can simply search their phone or computer for your card.

2) Digital business cards can be updated 

Simply put, you can update the contact information of your digital business card through your business card software or app.

 If you got a new phone number, had a new email address, or switched a physical location, you can inform your customers and prospects immediately by simply giving them an update.

3) You can track engagement with digital business cards

Finally, you can track engagement with digital business cards. This means you can know if they had “engaged” with your card – clicked on it, checked it out, etc.

This is not something you can do with physical business cards. You could hand out 1,000 business cards, but you’ll never know how many of them actually checked out your card.

On the other hand, with digital business cards, you can track and see if they took action with your card.

6 Best Business Card Solutions in 2022 

Now that you know the amazing benefits of digital business cards, it’s time to look for a digital business card app or business card software that you can use to create them.

If you don’t know where to start, here are some of the apps that you may want to check out.

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1) Beaconstac 

Beaconstac allows you to create digital business cards with their easy-to-use platform quickly.

With Beaconstac, there is a lot of information that you can add to your digital business cards – phone number, email address, physical address, social media links, etc.

Beaconstac also offers an in-depth view of your digital card’s engagement.

 But if you want more details, you can integrate Beaconstac with Google Analytics to see information on things such as user behavior.

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2) Switchit

Switchit is a simple app that allows you to easily and quickly create and share your digital business cards. 

It offers a variety of features such as adding personalized notes, file attachments (yes, you can attach files to your digital business card with Switchit!), and international messaging. 

But Switchit is unique because it allows you to add videos to your digital business cards.

The only downside of Switchit is that it does not include tracking. But if tracking is not your priority, Switchit can still work great with you.

Finally, if you use HubSpot or Salesforce as CRM tools, you can integrate them with Switchit.

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3) Blinq 

Blinq is one of the best digital business card apps in the market today. What’s unique about Blinq is how easily you can share your digital card with potential customers or clients.

With Blinq, all you need to do is to show the QR code that Blinq generated for you to your prospects. 

Then, have them point their phone camera to your QR code, then they’ll get your digital business card in seconds! You also can share the link to your card instead if that’s what you prefer.


4) CamCard

If you have printed physical business cards but want a digital version of them, then CamCard would make a great digital business card app for you.

With CamCard, all you need to do is to take pictures of your physical business cards, then CamCard will do its magic of transforming them into digital business cards.

In addition to it, you can also exchange digital business cards with other people, such as those you meet at networking events or trade shows. 

CamCard also allows you to manage your digital business cards.

knowee digital business card


Like other digital business card apps, is an easy-to-use app that allows you to create your digital business cards conveniently.

 It also offers a variety of design features, such as design templates and custom branding options.

In addition, it offers its users other solutions such as tracking, email management, and CRM.

Knowee’s pricing plan depends on the size of your organization. But if you are an individual professional or freelancer, you could get started for free.

6) Haystack 

The tagline of Haystack is “Make a great first impression.” This shows Haystack is all about – offering users vast design features for designing and branding their digital business cards.

 This includes color customization, logo design, image gallery, social media links, etc.

In addition, Haystack can also be integrated with different CRMs and apps such as Mailchimp, Slack, Salesforce, and Hubspot.


Entrepreneurs and professionals use business cards to present their contact information to potential customers and business partners.

It is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to let others know about you and how they’ll reach you.

But as businesses and the way we network becomes more and more online, digital business cards are becoming more popular.

Digital business cards or smart business cards offer more advantages than paper business cards. Some of their benefits include more convenience, less likely to be thrown out (intentionally or accidentally), engagement tracking, and more.

Using digital cards for your business or profession would be a good idea. Using digital business card solutions or apps, you can create and share your digital business cards.

There are many digital business card apps that you can check out, but if you’re not sure which one to check out, you may want to look at the ones we listed.

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