It’s no wonder that both SharePoint and OneDrive have become such popular tools for businesses of all sizes.

With their cloud-based features, these programs make it easy to store files online so they can be accessed from any device – at home or on your smartphone!

One of the most common questions that people ask when they are looking at sync programs for work is whether or not SharePoint and OneDrive offer similar services. And while it might seem like there isn’t much difference between them, this couldn’t be further from true!

The two fastest growing cloud sharing platforms have one thing in common: both were started by Microsoft employees who grew frustrated with their own company’s technologies.

So it’s no surprise that the two platforms have a lot in common. But while they may share some features, they are ultimately quite different.


What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a website-based collaboration and document management program from Microsoft.

As a collaboration program, SharePoint is typically used by businesses and organizations as a platform where their teams collaborate and work with one another. 

SharePoint is also used to create websites to store and share documents across an organization.

Key Features of SharePoint 

One of the key features that make Sharepoint so popular is its ability to serve as an on-premise version. This means if you don’t feel safe about cloud platforms, there are private servers for your data where only those with access will know how it works!

It also comes equipped with a CMS (content management system) which allows users to create websites – including pages, documentation, etc., all under one roof (or server).

As in most cases of content management systems; administrators can manage permissions across these areas too, meaning Sharepoint is useful across all sizes and types of organizations.

Security Features of SharePoint 

As a Microsoft product, SharePoint has the security and protection that you can expect from their suite of products.

SharePoint allows users to have granular access control over its security features to give businesses and organizations more control over their data.

Pros and Cons of SharePoint 


  • You can build a website with SharePoint
  • In addition to file storage and file sharing services, SharePoint offers collaboration services for its users
  • More control over your security system than OneDrive


  • In some cases, the organization running SharePoint will be liable for its security measures. This means that in the case of security breaches, they are liable for their own damage. For this reason, some prefer to solely rely on Microsoft’s security system instead.

What is OneDrive? 

OneDrive is a cloud-based platform from Microsoft that offers personal file and photo storage.

You can think of OneDrive as an external hard drive but in the cloud.

OneDrive is installed by default in many Microsoft programs and they are offered for free for the first 5GB use. 

Of course, if you want more storage, you can buy more from Microsoft. But otherwise, you can stick with the free ones if you don’t need much storage.

OneDrive also offers services for businesses. It’s called OneDrive for Business (ODFB).

Just like SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, being business- or organization-centric also offers collaborative file storage and sharing services. 

However, OneDrive for Business offers fewer features compared to SharePoint. For instance, it has less control over its security features compared to SharePoint.

Key Features of OneDrive 

One of the main features of OneDrive is that it integrates easily with Office 365.

After all, both are Microsoft products, so it’s a no-brainer!

If your business primarily utilizes Office 365 products, then OneDrive will be a great match.

OneDrive is also easier to navigate and generally less complex than SharePoint.

If you need robust systems or tools for your business, then SharePoint is certainly the winner.

In some cases, OneDrive may work better for your needs due to the simplicity it offers.

Security Features of OneDrive 

As mentioned earlier, OneDrive has fewer security features than SharePoint. 

But that certainly does not mean OneDrive is less secure than SharePoint.

If you trust Microsoft for your security needs, then there’s really no reason to need more granular access control over security features.

Pros and Cons of OneDrive 


  • Offers both personal and business use
  • Easier to use than SharePoint
  • Integrates well with Office 365 products


  • It generally offers less control and features compared to SharePoint

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: Which is Better? 

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

Generally, SharePoint is meant for enterprise businesses and organizations. The platform will work best for businesses that want more control over their security systems.

OneDrive is a great option for people who want to have access to and share files, but don’t need anything more than that. If you’re looking just to create storage space or get rid of clutter on your computer – One Drive will do it all!

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