If you’re looking for help with your digital marketing, you may be considering hiring a digital marketing consultant.

We’ll discuss what digital marketing is, what a digital marketing consultant does, and the different services they offer.

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Plus, we’ll give you a glimpse into the day-to-day life of a digital marketing consultant. So if you’re curious about hiring one, read on for the complete guide.

Is a digital marketing consultant a good fit for your business?

Effectively utilizing digital marketing helps companies leverage the potential of reaching potential consumers through online channels to increase revenue.

Relying on a digital marketing specialist who has demonstrated success can turn around key decisions regarding your online marketing strategy and success.

Digital marketers will provide assistance with finding these channels and devising an innovative digital marketing strategy for your business.

Required skills and qualifications

An experienced digital marketing consultant may have prior experience as a digital marketing manager and leading marketing initiatives at a company.

They have deep knowledge in online advertising, SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing campaign management, lead generation experience, CRM & reporting tools experience, and even project management skills.

Digital Marketing Consultants need to use analytical methods to assess the effectiveness of marketing strategies for your company.

This includes:

  • Google Analytics / Web Traffic Tools
  • Paid Ads Conversion Tracking
  • Analysis in Excel

Digital marketing consultants offer a variety of services that can help your business grow.

How much money do marketing consultants make?

According to Credo, the average digital marketing consultant makes $141.67 per hour.

They found that:

  • 69.44% of consultants have a single project minimum under $3,000.
  • 73.49% of consultants have a monthly retainer minimum of under $3,000 per month.
  • 34.94% of consultants have a monthly retainer minimum of under $1,000 per month
  • 39.29% of consultants have no contract minimum length defined. Only 20% have a minimum of at least 6 months.

Of course, if consulting services aren’t in your budget, there are plenty of online resources to help your business grow through digital marketing.

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What does a Digital Marketing Consultant do in their day-to-day?

The day-to-day work of a digital marketing consultant can vary depending on the projects they are working on and their clients’ needs.

Some daily tasks include:

  • Determining an effective digital marketing strategy
  • Analyzing data
  • Conducting research
  • Optimizing accounts across different channels
  • Reporting insights and recommendations

4-point checklist for finding the right digital marketing consultant

Hiring a professional digital marketing consultant can help your company develop its potential.

This can dramatically boost your marketing effectiveness and increase revenue.

Keep these in mind when searching for your digital marketer:

1) Knowledgeable

Digital marketing consulting services provide businesses with critical industry knowledge used to achieve measurable results.

Working closely with consultants who are experienced in this field is important.

2) The right expertise

Hire an experienced and qualified marketing consultant. When comparing content marketing and other marketing verticals, they usually have a specialty in one area or another.

Think about the goals for your business. These can include:

  1. Engagement
  2. Awareness
  3. Revenue

As well as your business size and model:

  1. B2B- business to business (usually lead-driven)
  2. B2C- business to customer (typically services or products)
  3. DTC- direct to consumer

3) Credible

Digital Marketers should have at least 1 certification, including:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Bing Ads
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Google Project Management Certificate
  6. Google UX Design Certificate
  7. Other platforms and search engines

4) Able to deliver

Does your strategy have any positive effect? Is your team ready to meet your goals? Are you ready for actionable recommendations?

The best digital marketers will help you determine KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to track and, ultimately, growth for your business.

These can include:

  1. CPL (cost per lead)
  2. CPC (cost per click)
  3. CVR (conversion rate)
  4. CTR (click-through rate)
  5. CPA (cost per action/acquisition)
  6. ROI (return on investment)
  7. Traffic (monthly visitors)
  8. Revenue
  9. and more…

Measuring the ROI of Digital Marketing Consulting Services

HubSpot roi calculator

ROI means the return on the investments you make. For calculating ROI, use the free ROAS (return on ad spend) calculator.

Let’s suppose a campaign can generate lots of leads, and an unreliable sales team will fail at turning those leads into customers.

It certainly has an effect on return on investment. Some variables are also larger, like the economic situation. In the long run, digital advertising depends on the goal you want to achieve.

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They Use the Right Tools

Digital marketing consultants should be using the right digital tools to measure results. These can include social media listening tools, email marketing software, landing pages, marketing automation tools, or website analytics.

In order to help you choose the best digital marketing consultant for your business, it’s important to understand what services they offer and how they will measure success.

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What a Digital Marketing Consultant can do for you

Create an Effective Strategy

Digital marketing consultants can help you create an effective digital marketing strategy. This includes developing a plan that meets your business goals and creating a roadmap for achieving them.

This can include determining a marketing budget and recommended ad spend to meet business objectives.

Drive Sales

Digital marketing consultants can help you drive sales through digital channels. They can create and execute digital marketing campaigns that generate leads and convert them into customers.

Digital marketing consultants can help you increase website traffic through SEO, paid search, social media, and other digital channels.

Establish Goals based on KPIs

A Digital marketing consultant can help you establish goals based on key performance indicators (KPIs). This will allow you to track and measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

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Determine the Most Effective Channels

A Digital marketing consultant can help you determine the most effective digital channels to reach your target market and increase customer engagement. They can also help you optimize those channels to achieve the best results.

These channels can include:

  • Google Ads / Google Adwords / PPC / Paid Search
  • Paid Social / Facebook Ads
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / Organic Traffic
  • Organic Social / Facebook Posts
  • Content Marketing / Blog Posts / Video Ads
  • Email Marketing / Funnels

Develop Strong Messaging

A Digital marketing consultant can help you develop strong messaging that will resonate with your target market. They can also create digital marketing collateral such as website copy, email templates, and social media posts.

A digital marketing consultant can help A/B or split test ad copy to optimize messaging.

How to Get Started with a Digital Marketing Consultant

Start with a Contract or Proposal

When hiring a digital marketing consultant, starting with a contract or proposal is important. This will outline their services and how they will be measured.

The proposal should also include a price quote for the services provided.

Agree on a Pay Schedule

It’s important to agree on a payment schedule for digital marketing consulting services. This will help ensure that there is clarity and transparency between both parties.

Typically, a digital marketing consultant is paid monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Connect to Accounts

In order to measure the success of digital marketing campaigns, it’s important for a digital marketing consultant to connect to your accounts and get reports. This will allow them to track results and make changes as needed.

Setup Regular Check-Ins

It’s important to have regular check-ins with a digital marketing consultant in order to track the progress of your digital marketing campaigns. This will help ensure that they are on track and meeting your goals.

Key learnings

A Digital Marketing Consultant is the expert you need to grow your business. They can offer services such as developing an effective digital marketing strategy, driving sales through digital channels, establishing goals based on KPIs, and determining the most effective channels. They can also help with messaging and creating digital marketing collateral. When hiring a digital marketing consultant, start with a contract or proposal to outline services and how they will be measured.

If you’re looking to grow your business, hiring a digital marketing consultant is the best way to do it!

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