If you have ever felt a bit of writer’s block, then you can appreciate the increasing popularity of AI writer tools for anything from emails, ad copy, blog content, and even AI writer story plots.

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The demand for publishing content is already taxing enough – from generating topic ideas and research to writing and editing blog posts, videos, stories, and more.

But thanks to growing AI technology, once daunting tasks are now made more accessible. And yes, this now applies to content writing thanks to AI generator technology.

What is an AI Story Generator?

An AI story generator (sometimes called an “AI content generator”) is an online tool that content creators, marketers, and writers can use to generate their content.

Depending on the AI story generator tool, you can create various content types: blog posts/articles, copywriting ads, scripts, and stories, to name a few.

AI story generator generates content by inputting your prompt. This prompt could be very few words or a general layout; from there, the AI story generator tool will create the content for you.

How AI Story Generator Works

As mentioned earlier, the AI story generator generates content for you by giving it a prompt.

For example, if you want to write about the best practices in digital marketing, you can write something like “best practices for digital marketers in 2022”.

From there, your AI story generator tool will generate an article based on the topic you’ve given it.

AI story generator tools usually offer different content types depending on what you are looking for.

As mentioned, AI story generators are not limited to blog posts or articles. You can also generate ads, scripts, and even stories.

Benefits of AI Story Generator

One of the main benefits of using AI story generators is that you can significantly increase your content output.

As we have discussed earlier, one of the main challenges many content creators and marketers face is writing and publishing content.

Sometimes, even thinking about which topic to write about is a struggle, let alone writing the first draft through the completion of the article.

A story/content generator can help you have fresh ideas when you’re stuck in your writing process (a.k.a writer’s block), or you can even let them write your articles altogether and do a little tweaking to your personality onto your post.

AI story generators also help a lot in the research part. When you ask the content generator what you write, you may find yourself surprised to see new ideas you never expect to appear in that content. From there, you’ll have an idea of what to look for.

Disadvantages of AI Story Generator

While AI story generators offer great benefits to content creators, they are still not a one-for-all solution.

One of the main disadvantages of AI story generators is that you still need human intervention for your articles or work.

Even though AI story generators can “write” an article within seconds, the article will mostly still need a little tweaking.

At best, the article is so well-written, but you’ll need to edit it to add your personality or to shape the direction of the article as you see fit. At worst, the article is not written correctly and still needs significant revision before publishing it.

Also, AI story generators are not necessarily plagiarism-free. So, you will still need to double-check to ensure that you did not produce a work that is somehow similar to others.

7 Best AI Story/Content Generator Tools

If you are looking for a good AI story/content generator tool but don’t know where to start, here is our list of the best ones.

Best AI Writing Tool
Jasper - The #1 AI Content Platform For Business
$49 per month: BOSS Mode

Jasper is the AI Content Platform that helps you and your team break through creative blocks to create amazing, original content 10X faster.

Use with Surfer SEO for content that ranks.

Used By: HubSpot, IBM, iHeart Media, Airbnb
AM Exclusive: 10,000 bonus credits
  • Publish content 10x faster
  • Boost sales with better copy
  • End writer's block forever
  • Will still need human editing
  • Monthly investment
  • Word count limits

1) Jasper

Jasper is one of the most popular AI content generator tools among marketers and content creators. It can produce different types of content, ranging from headlines and blog articles to sales emails, marketing copy, and SEO content.

But what’s even more interesting is that it constantly learns new things through input, making it better at generating ideas and content.

Key Features

  • Jasper offers more than 50 writing templates, ranging from Text Summarizer to Product Description and AIDA Framework.
  • Jasper is very simple and easy to use.
  • Jasper acts as your go-to AI writer for content, story plots, and more
  • Jasper’s editor is similar to that of Google Docs, making it easier to use, especially if you’re used to it.


Jasper’s Starter Plan is priced at $49/month. This includes 35,000 words per month as well as the templates, including the Creative Story template. The Boss Mode Plan is also priced at $99/month. In Boss Mode Plan, you get 100,000 words per month.

surfer seo

Bonus: Integrate with Surfer SEO

Jasper AI integrates with Surfer SEO to help you create better content. It analyzes your data and provides you with the best insights to improve your website’s ranking.

Surfer SEO helps you create better content by analyzing your data and providing actionable insights on how to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

It will help identify the keywords that are most relevant for each page, as well as show which ones tend not to be used enough or too often so they don’t harm rankings.


2) Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a powerful AI generator tool that can create different types of content for you, whether it be headlines or blog articles to help with your blogging efforts, eCommerce and digital marketing materials like product descriptions (which will make shopping easier!), copywriting services including website text-based pages as well!

What’s interesting about Copy.ai is that it can generate up to 10 results per request. This means that you’ll have multiple options right away, and you get to choose which content to use. Of course, if you’re not happy, you can generate more results.

Key Features

  • Content is SEO-optimized
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It generates up to 10 results per request, giving you options on which content to use
  • It offers a 7-day free trial for its Pro Plan


Copy.ai offers both Free and Pro Plans. If you want to test out its Pro Plan, Copy.ai offers a 7-day free trial for its Pro Plan.

Copy.ai’s Pro Plan starts at $19/month. Here are the features you can enjoy in the Pro Plan:

  • Five user seats included
  • 90+ copywriting tools
  • Unlimited projects
  • Priority email support
  • 25+ languages
  • Blog Wizard tool
  • Access to the newest features
ryter ai story generator

3) Rytr

Like Jasper, Rytr is an AI generator tool known for creative writing. But aside from writing stories, writers can also use Rytr’s templates for content such as blog posts and social media ads.

Key Features

  • Rytr allows you to improve your editing with its AI writing assistant
  • Rytr can generate fiction stories
  • You can write in more than 30 languages with Rytr
  • It has a built-in plagiarism checker


Rytr offers three plans: Free Plan, Saver Plan ($9/month), and Unlimited Plan ($29/month). Generally, the number of characters offered per month sets apart the three plans. They are as follows:

  • Free Plan – 5,000 characters generated/month
  • Saver Plan – 50,000 characters generated/month
  • Unlimited Plan – Unlimited characters generated/month

Beyond that, the bulk of the features is available to all. Here are the features shared by all plans:

  • Access 30+ use-cases
  • Write in 30+ languages
  • Access 20+ tones
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Access to premium community

Here are other features offered by Saver Plan and Unlimited Plan that is not provided in Free Plan:

Saver Plan

  • Create your custom use-case

Unlimited Plan

  • Create your custom use-case
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Priority email & chat support

4) Copysmith.ai

Copysmith is an AI content generator tool geared toward generating various types of content such as blog posts, social media ads, ad copy, product descriptions, etc.

You can also use Copysmith for your content creation process.

That being said, Copysmith is geared towards businesses and enterprises. Aside from generating content, the ai platform also has automation features that can be very useful for large businesses and marketing teams.

Key Features

  • Copysmith can “bulk generate” content such as headlines and eCommerce product descriptions. With Copysmith’s Bulk Generator, you and your team can work smarter and faster than ever!
  • Copysmith’s team collaboration features help teams streamline their work process, making them more effective and efficient.
  • You can integrate Copysmith with programs such as MS Word, Google Chrome, Google Ads, and WooCommerce, to mention a few.
  • Aside from generating the content, Copysmith lets you and your team build and launch your marketing campaigns.


Copysmith offers both free and paid plans. For paid plans, they offer the following: Starter ($19/month), Professional ($59/month), and Enterprise (custom). Here are the key features of the following plans:


  • Integrations
  • In-App Support
  • 50 Credits/ up to 33k words
  • 20 Plagiarism Checks/mo


  • Integrations
  • In-App Support
  • 400 Credits / up to 260k words
  • 100 Plagiarism Checks/mo


  • Integrations
  • In-App Support
  • Bulk Import & Export
  • Custom Templates
  • Account Manager
  • Up to unlimited credits & words
  • Unlimited Plagiarism Checks
writesonic AI Story Generator

5) Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI content generator tool built on GPT-3; an autoregressive language model developed to produce different kinds of natural text.

Writesonic is a marketing and business-focused AI content generator tool: it focuses on producing content such as blog posts and articles, product descriptions, and marketing or ad copy.

Key Features

  • It can generate different forms of content such as blog articles, Facebook ads, answers for Quora, Google ads, and landing pages.
  • It has features such as Paraphrasing Tool to paraphrase your text, article Summarizer if you want to summarize your article, and Text Expander if you run out of ideas but want to expand your article more.
  • Writesonic is available in 24 languages.


Writesonic offers both free and premium plans. The premium plans are based on the content you’re planning to work with: whether short-form or long-form content.

Short-form content starts from $10/month for 30,000 words generated per month. On the other hand, long-form content starts at $13/month for 47,500 words generated per month.


6) StoryLab.ai

StoryLab is a great tool for anyone who needs content written. Whether you’re an SEO professional, a marketer looking to create better Facebook ad copy, or just want some stories on your blog page- Story Lab has got what it takes!

Key Features

  • StoryLab is excellent for generating different marketing-based content, from headlines to articles and copies.
  • You can get on its premium plan for as low as $7/month


StoryLab comes with both free and premium versions. The plans are divided on the AI Runs they offer. They do the following:

  • Free – 15 AI Runs/month
  • Starter ($7/month) – 100 AI Runs/month
  • Pro ($20/month) – 300 AI Runs/month
  • Unlimited ($27/month) – unlimited AI Runs/month

Final Thoughts: Should You Use an AI Story Generator?

So, should you use an AI story generator?

You may opt to use an AI story generator tool if:

  • You struggle with writer’s block
  • You want to increase your content output significantly
  • You are on a strict deadline

On the other hand, you may not need to use an AI story generator tool if you can manage your writing workload. You don’t need to increase your content output in a relatively shorter period, or if you love writing, you’ll want to do it all by yourself from beginning to end.

While AI story generators are great for supplementing your work, they can not substitute the writing process. However, there is value in using these tools as another way to generate content and inspire creativity!

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