I recently had the opportunity to try out Kapwing, a video editing software named a 2022 Top Performer by Capterra.

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first.

The Kapwing video editing software is supposed to be easy to use, and you can edit 10x faster using smart editing tools like image editor that automate content creation.

I consider myself a Canva/ Adobe Express pro, more or less.

Video editing, on the other hand, can be a whole different animal.

The demand for online video content creation is exploding right now.

86% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads, and 81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales.

That’s a huge number!

A video I made recently with Canva (learn more about SEO copywriting here)

Why is video so popular?

There are lots of reasons.

For one, videos are a great way to communicate a message. They’re also very engaging and can help you stand out from the competition online.

But creating quality videos can be time-consuming and hard to do well.

That’s where Kapwing comes in.

Kapwing is a female-founded series A stage startup in San Francisco, California.

The company has raised $12.7M and was founded in 2018.

There is a learning curve, but my videos came out better than I thought! In this blog post, I’ll share three videos I made using the Kapwing online video editor in less than a day.

Note: Kapwing lost my previously embedded videos on this page (with the exception of the one I saved in #2. I’m currently working to recover, but make sure to save a local copy of anything you make in Kapwing!

1) My first video on Kapwing

My very first video on Kapwing!

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get the hang of the Kapwing studio platform.

The Kapwing video editing software is supposed to be easy to use, but I found it a bit confusing at first. It reminded me of the first time I opened Photoshop.

Diving in and playing around with it is the best way to learn.

The more videos you make, the easier Kapwing will become to create quality videos.

The first step I took, similar to what I do in similar photo editing software, was to look for video templates.

I found a lot of memes, TikTok templates, Facebook covers, and Youtube intros.

What I was looking for, however, is what I thought would be the most valuable for creators using this tool for their business.

I came up a bit short of ideas since the Kapwing Ad & Sales templates were designed around Fashion and Retail content.

After choosing a template I thought was pretty simple, I started losing my text in between layers in the video editor.

Once I swapped out the fashion model for a “business” stock video, I saw it come to life.

30 minutes later, I made a pretty decent GIF.

You could probably share a video like this in your blog post or on social media.

In the end, I was feeling pretty good about my first video on Kapwing!

my video on kapwing alex medawar

2) Using the Kapwing screen recording feature

After finding this cool iPhone mockup image, I decided to try a more difficult task.

Using the Kapwing screen recording features and opening my blog on mobile (in developer view), I got a good recording to edit.

I have tried this object place function before with images, but never with video!

Kapwing let me delete the phone’s background and place the video on the iPhone.

I then exported my video as a GIF file, and wah-lah!

At this point, I was feeling like a Kapwing video expert.

You could use this creative for your website or on social media.

You could even use a video of someone scrolling through your social media (hello, user reviews!) and put it on your website!

3) Now for some real video editing skills

I wanted to make a 30-second clip with text for my last video.

With this kind of video editing, you need to fine-tune the transitions, visibility, and timing to make it engaging.

Since I really didn’t have any good videos of my own to use, I chose another stock video from the Kapwing business category.

As for copy, I found some interesting statistics about the “talent crisis” in the media industry with the top 3 in-demand skills/jobs.

At first, I tried to make it a bit too complicated by using the stock video and a color-block intro and outro.

Ultimately, I decided to keep the same stock video throughout for simplicity.

Next, I needed to ensure all the text was centered on every “slide.”

I had to take out all of my transitions to accurately view the text size and placement.

That was a bit of a pain.

Lastly, I had to edit the timing of each screen.

Too long, and no one will watch your video until the end.

Too short, and no one will be able to read the text fast enough.

With a platform like TikTok, specifically, you need to get straight to the point, or your audience will scroll on by.

I found a happy medium with 3-second “slides.”

But, you tell me if it came out too fast or too slow!

This Kapwing video took me a few hours to create, but I’m sure the following video will be much less.

Final Thoughts

Kapwing is an excellent platform for creating videos for your social media content or business.

Plus, they have a lot of extra tools: convert youtube to mp3, meme maker, gif maker, add subtitles, translate video, make a video podcast, and more.

There are endless possibilities for what you can create, and the Kapwing templates make it easy to get started – ready-made to save you project management time and hit KPIs.

Overall, I would recommend a few things for Kapwing:

  • Add more templates that reach a variety of industries
  • Add a section of inspiration so it’s not so hard to start

If you’re considering Kapwing for video editing, I recommend you:

  • Start small and simple
  • Have an end goal in mind before you start
  • Try out the software on the free plan
  • Compare with other popular options

If you are comparing options, I would give Canva a try.

You may find it a bit easier to use than Kapwing for video editing.

Easy enough? Let’s see what you got.

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